Our Story

Karakeeb Makerspace is an initiative that started in 2013, by a group of crazy engineers, passionate about technology. It began with the mission of supporting individuals who do not have digital and technical background in general, to support them in their understanding of technology, not only that but also what it could create. We enjoyed seeing the turning point as they go through a paradigm shift from not understanding to fully being engaged, passionate and eager to learn and create in the field of technology.

Our first target group was university students, then as we saw the transformation we started widening our scope to creating programs and workshops that also attract elderly up to 70 years old and children starting from 5 years old.  In 2014, we had the opportunity to be hosted by the Jesuit Cultural Center of Alexandria, who provided a space that was unused and shut down. We started working on the design of the makerspace,  and as our scope grew,  our tools and machines also grew in the space. We have also become a hub for many startups and entrepreneurs, moreover, we have a team of emerging youth who are volunteering and are on a mentoring journey within Karakeeb.

Through our journey we had the opportunity to work with diverse target groups, various entities and different fields. Some of the nationalities and social groups we worked with; Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan. Moreover,  we have worked with refugees in Egypt as well as youth and children from different governorates.  This has also enhanced our facilitation skills enormously over the years. In the COVID19 we were also active giving online sessions which also enhanced our online training skills.

We have collaborated with various entities such as Alex Biblotechea, Caritas, UNHCR, Alexandria University, Nile University, the Jesuit cultural center, Goethe, Potential (UAE). We also participate in all the maker events in Egypt and we are partners in the MakerFaire event that takes place every year.

We love to play with electronics, and create things from trash. We are always working on robots, planes, multi-rotors, ROVs, and preparing for new workshops. and we love to share our knowledge with other people.  Our target is to spread the culture of making among people, especially people coming from a non-engineering background and equip the coming generation with essential skills and knowledge to cope with the digital transformation and be able to fit in the future digital world.